S-TECH has over 40 years experience in the design, production and distribution of technical equipments for the gas distribution. S-TECH has developed a family of products intended to ensure the safety of civil and industrial users in the event of disastrous events, such as earthquakes, but also extraordinary events such as climatic ones that increasingly involve the destruction and interruption of public services.

Seismic Risk in the world

The areas of high seismic risk are distributed all over the world. In Europe the countries with the highest seismic risk are: Greece, Turkey, Italy, Albania, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania (Carpathians), Iceland, Belgium, Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Andalusia and Pyrenees), France (Alps), Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway (coast).

The Seismic Valves sv

The seismic valves S-Tech are devices designed to automatically shut off the gas flow in earthquake situations under standard conditions according to ASCE25-16, PED, ATEX, ANSI Z21. 21-2005, CSA 6.5-2005, CR90 – 002.When the device is subject to seismic vibrations as indicated in the legislation, the device intervenes and interrupts the gas flow.


It is the mechanical earthquake valve that perceives seismic movements [earthquake) and automatically shuts off the flow of gas at the places using gas at the end of perceived movements, then can be manually set up, stays turn-off until it is set up, and normally in turn-on position. The device automatically turns off at the moment of occurrence of the seismic activity having momentum and frequency values at the size depending on the related standards, as a result of perception of this activity by the device, and in a manner not causing leakage of flow of gas with help of gas shut-off equipment. Whether or not seismic activity continues or not, it remains turn-off until the flow of gas is set up again. It is possible to give gas to the installation again after device perceived seismic activities and shuts off gas, and the setup knob [reset) is manually pulled . After said shut-off, the manual setup proceeding must be definitely made by authorized gas distribution company or by firms authorized by them.


Body size1⁄2” / 3⁄4” / 1” / 11⁄4” / 11⁄2”/ 2” / 21⁄2” / 3”/ 4” / 6” / 8” / 10″
ConnectionsFlanged – threaded – threaded NPT
Work positionVertical & Horizontal (to be specified at order)
Working pressure range0-0,5 bar (0-7 PSI) / 0-4 bar (0-60 PSI)
Design pressure0,75 bar (10 PSI) / 6 bar (90 PSI)
Acceptable gasesNatural gas, town gas, lpg, nitrogen, air, any non-corrosive gas
Operating temperature-23°C ÷ +66 °C (-10°F ÷ +150°F)
Design standards-ApprovalsPED, ATEX, ASCE25-16, ANSI Z21.21-2005, CR90–002

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